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The Theta Healing Centre offers the full range of certified Theta Healing Practitioner courses.

We aim to offer you a quality learning experience and environment where your learning and well being is of paramount importance.

Benefit from our 30+ years experience and expertise in training and working in the personal development arena, both with groups and on an individual basis. We have specialist expertise in communication, mediation, and working with diverse groups across a large cross-section of the community in a variety of corporate, academic and social organisations.

Having found Theta Healing while in its infancy, we are amongst the most experienced Theta Healing practitioners within the UK, and offer a high teacher/assistant to student ratio to ensure you have the support you need with your experiential course work. 

The Theta Healing Centre also offers:-
- An unconditional money-back guarantee* on the ThetaHealing Basic Course

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Course Curriculum Overview
The Basic and Advanced courses form the foundation of your Theta Healing knowledge and are a pre-requisite for all other Theta Healing courses and all of the Teachers Certification courses. Intuitive Anatomy course takes you to the next level of Theta practitioning, and due to the amount of progress you make on the course, is a pre-requisite for the higher level courses.

Below you will find a brief description of all the courses. For course dates, fees and more detailed descriptions, follow the links below.

Theta Healing Foundation Course      7-days     (£935.00)
(No pre-requisite)
The Theta Healing Foundation Course is a 7-day intensive that incorporates the 3-day Basic Course, the 3-day Advanced Course and the 1-Day Digging Workshop.  This is your fast track into ThetaHealing, providing you with the core skills and techniques that form the basis of your ThetaHealing practitioner skillset.

Theta Healing Basic (DNA2)             3-days     (£435.00)
(No pre-requisite)
Learn the basic Theta Healing techniques, as well as the history and theoretical concepts behind it. This course is 75% experiential.

Theta Healing Advanced                        3-days      (£435.00)
(Pre-requisite: Basic)
On this course you will learn further Theta Healing techniques, and gain deeper understanding and practice of the belief work. You will receive numerous downloads to positively change your own life, and experience the different energies as you learn to connect with each of the physical and non-physical 7 Planes of Existence.

Manifesting and Abundance
                   2-days      (£325.00)
(Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced)
This course looks at the physical behaviours, mental attitudes and energetic blocks that prevent you from having abundance - of all kinds - in your life.  Work though our list of common belifes - often not connected with abundance at all - that hold you back from receiving fully from the Universe!

Intuitive Anatomy                                  15-days   (£1570.00) 
(Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced)
This course is for those who are serious about working with clients who have physical illnesses and disease.  Learn how to intuitively read the body, and discover the beliefs and programs that can lead to physical disease. 

World Relations                                      5-days (£655.00)
(Pre-requisite: Either Intuitive Anatomy or Advanced Teacher)
The World Relations course helps you identify and clear prejudices relating to countries, race, religion, society classes, authorities, sexuality and many other similar issues.  You will have more understanding, acceptance and compassion for your fellow human being, allowing you to be more at ease with diverse clients, work colleagues and social acquaintances.

Disease & Disorders                               10-days (£1200.00)
(Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy )
Whereas the Intuitive Anatomy course familiarised you with the body intuitive, this courses focuses on specific diseases and the beliefs and programs that, over the course of many year's of practitioning, Vianna has experienced as being associated with each. Clear your own programs about working with specific illnesses, and gain more skills in working with your clients.

DNA3                                                      5-days (£875.00)
(Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy )
DNA3 takes you to a whole different level. Up until now, most of our focus has been on clearing beliefs and programs, through belief work. In DNA3, we learn how to directly with the mitochondria of the DNA, using our inherent knowledge that we are one with "All That Is", thus effecting more instant change than ever before.  You also learn how to move and change non-organic and organic matter, and how to energetically bi-locate.

Rainbow Children's course                 4 days (£530.00)

(No pre-requisite)
The Rainbow Childrens course is unlike the rest of the Theta Healing courses. It's primary focus is to help you validate and enhance your psychic abilities, intuitive gifts, and connection with all things energetic.  Using a variety of simple processes and playful exercises, you will learn how to connect to each of the Theta Healing Seven Planes of Existence, as well as improve your empathic, telepathic and telekinetic skills.  The Rainbow Children's course is offered as a 3-day course for for youngsters (aged 7 - 11) and teenagers (12 - 16) and as a 4-day course for adults (17+).

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Once you have done the Basic course, you are eligible to attend our Theta Healing Practitioner Events to help you improve your Theta Healing skills, and to meet and share with other Theta Healing students.

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*Our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
Our Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee applies only to the Basic ThetaHealing course. If by the end of the first day for Basic you decide that Theta Healing or our classes are not for you, for any reason whatsoever, we will give you your money back (less 10% admin fee and the cost of your Theta Healing text book).


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