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We know how valuable ongoing support and community is to your journey with Theta Healing. Regularly using your skills and having others work with you; being able to share experiences and learn from others; deepening your understanding and continuing your learning - all of these help you become a better Theta Healing Practitioner. We treat our Theta Healing Events with the same care ensure a safe and nurturing environment of non-judgement and confidentiality. Our events are open to all Teachers and Students of Theta Healing, no matter what stage you are at.

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To meet the needs of all, we provide a range of Teacher and Practitioner events for you to choose from:
Monthly Theta Swaps

In these themed evening sessions, we cover a specific aspect of Theta, reminding you of the basics and adding deeper insights.  We then allow you time to both give and receive thetahealing. 
If you are new to Theta Healing, have been away from it for a while and want to brush up on your skills, or are an experienced Practitioner wishing to connect with the community, and receive healing for yourself, each and every person benefits from a Theta Swap. This is a great place to find people that you resonate with, who you may want to swap with on a private basis. Swaps are held monthly on a weeknight.
Investment £12.00
Venue: West London
Times: 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Detailed format:
6:45pm - 7:00pm    Arrive, socialising
7:00pm - 7:10pm    Opening circle, introductions, guidance for evening
7:10pm - 9:20pm    Swap time, including feedback and reflection
9:20pm - 9:30pm    Healing Circle, Closing Circle

Practitioner Workshops

Our Practitioner workshops have been created to help you increase your skiills and deepen your understanding of ThetaHealing.  The material comes from our personal and professional experience in ThetaHealing as well as everything that we have brought form our previous relevant professions and is not covered in the standard ThetaHealing courses. However, we cover key practitioning skills as well as covering the basics of how to start up your own ThetaHealing business.

Practitioner Workshops are 1-day events, from 9:30am - 5:00pm.

For further details on each workshop click on the links here.

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Previous Practitioner Events
Connecting with Creator
"…my confidence in practicing Theta has just increased exponentially since the workshop. I feel so much more confident and trusting in my practice, and this has been echoed by all the friends I have been helping since then as their feedback has been fantastic. I simply trust my intuition so much more and know I'm helping them clear beliefs. "

"I'm planning to come to the next monthly swap… as the last one was brilliant; just what I needed…, also nice to be able to share - a very positive experience."

"It individualised it for me, tailor made, it dealt and solved my very specific problems. Showed me how to get there quicker."
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Practitioner Events Calendar
To register for Theta Swaps, use our Contact Us page or email us directly. Theta Swaps are £12 per event.  Practitioner workshops are £125 per day and can be booked online via our Course Registration Form

Register for a workshop online  and pay by bank transfer or cheque

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