Theta Healing Teachers and Practitioners


Our Theta Healing practitioners are among the most experienced within the UK. They have all completed the Theta Healing Masters certification programme, having gone through the entire range of Practitioner courses themselves. They are certified to teach the majority of the Practitioner courses currently available today.
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Name:Catherine M. Shaw                  

Qualifications (Ed&Prof): 
Assertiveness Trainer Dip.
Interpersonal Communication Cert Ed.
Transpersonal Psychology Cert.
Adult Education Teaching City & Guilds
Mediation UK Dip, Life Coaching Dip
Usui Reiki Master &Teacher level 4
Anatomy & Physiology Cert

Theta Healing Qualifications:
Certified Theta Healing Master Practitioner and Teacher.

Consultations: Available for consultations by phone, skype or in person in West London.

About Catherine:
Catherine has been teaching personal & spiritual development for over 25 years. Her background is in performance arts, interpersonal communication, transpersonal psychology, leadership and healing.  With her knowledge of the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, behavioural and energy aspects of being human, she brings an integrated, grounded and thorough approach to get results.

Catherine is an expert in giftedness, having specialised in counselling gifted children, young people and adults and is co author of 'Gifted Children - a guide for parents & professionals'. She is also Course Director of Birkbeck College, London, Interpersonal Communication Skills Courses. She  supervises trainers and assesses teachers.

Catherine combines her extensive experience in teaching and training with theta healing to support the learning and development of theta healing practitioners and teachers.


J. F
Catherine does amazing work. Having arrived at her doorstep feeling like I was at hell's door, she managed to lift my spirits and give me renewed lease on life within just a few sessions. The transformation within me was quite unbelievable, not only did I feel more alive and positive about the future but I looked so much lighter and happier that I did a double take when I saw myself in the mirror. Anyone feeling drawn to receiving healing would gain tremendous results from Catherine.

Completely new to theta healing I went to my first session open but not wholly convinced. I can't stress the positive effect the session had on me, the nearest I can come is that during the process I felt as if my neurons were being pleasantly massaged. Incredible!

I have received Theta Healing with Catherine and have been astonished by the results. I had experienced anxiety for months and months - if not years - and now it is gone. I simply can't feel it anymore and I feel free. Nothing else had worked - only this work with Catherine has had any effect - and what a dramatic turnabout! Also, I had been having constant difficulties with a negative and dis-empowering attachment to another person, which had been upsetting me for a couple of years. Extraordinarily, I have been able to free myself from this attachment as a direct result of the work with Catherine and am no longer troubled by it. In my opinion, this Theta stuff is truly awesome, and Catherine's intelligence, intuition and rounded ability as a practitioner made the experience easy, safe and complete.

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Name: Kiwiroa Marshall
Chartered Accountant, NLP Business Practitioner, Reiki 2 Practitioner.

Theta Healing Qualifications:
Certified Theta Healing Master Practitioner and Teacher.

Consultations: Available for consultations by phone or skype only.

About Kiwiroa:
Kiwiroa has been involved in the Personal Development field for nearly 20 years. With a Corporate background in IT and Accountancy, Kiwi incorporates a practical, down to earth style with an empathic nature and grounded understanding of working with energy.

Vena Ramphal, Energy Coach:
I thoroughly enjoyed my Theta sessions with Kiwi. I was able very quickly to get in touch with some deep seated limiting perceptions and memories that I had not been aware of before. For me the main charachteristic of Theta is its simultaneous complexity and simplicity. I found Kiwi to be both grounded and deeply intuitive at the same time - an ideal combination for a 21st century healer.

Diana Kingham:
Theta Healing is an amazingly powerful and rapid tool for change allowing old patterns to be released and new ones installed almost instantaneously.
Kiwi is an excellent and generous practitioner, intuitive and incisive, getting to the crux of the problem skilfully to enable a resolution.  Sessions are fun, empowering and informative - and highly recommended!
Kiwi helped me to identify and then resolve conflicts in my business planning and life - work balance which have made a huge difference to me. We also addressed underlying themes which have affected my life adversely for so many years. Thank you so much, Kiwi.

Thank-you for my healing session yesterday I was once again impressed and amazed at your skill in facilitating the process and my experience of the process, particularly with regard to uncovering deeply seated beliefs and modifying the unsupporting beliefs.

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