Theta Healing Manifesting and Abundance Course

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Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) Course, 
Theta Healing Advanced Course


Join us for 2 days of fun and excitement as you learn how to manifest using the Theta Healing technique. This is unlike any of the visualisation/dream board techniques you may have learned before!  We help you discover hidden beliefs, blocks and programs that you never realised you had; and work with you to clear them.

Course Curriculum

On the 2-day Theta Healing Manifesting and Abundance course you learn how to:

  • Manifest from the Seventh Plane, using the Theta  brainwave state
  • Dig deeper and find the real root of the problem
  • Recognise that blocks around abundance are seldom about money
  • Surrender to and work with Divine Timing
  • Clear the "Theta 100" list of blocks that may be preventing you from creating what you truly want in your life

and of course, much more ....


Course Dates

The Manifesting and Abundance course is scheduled for the following dates:

2015 Dates Location
Sat 21st Nov-Sun 22nd Nov West London

Please arrive for registration from 9am on Saturday morning.Course times for each day are 9:30am - 5:30pm.

Morning and afternoon tea are provided. It is important to stay hydrated so you may want to bring water, although water will also be available in the course room.

Course Fees

The fee for this course is £325. Payment can be made online using credit/debit card or Paypal or pay by bank transfer to receive a discounted price of £295.

Register online  to confirm your place on the course, and then make your online payment. For bank transfers, we will send you details following receipt of your online registration form.


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