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DNA3 is the most advanced course to date within the ThetaHealing course curriculum.
This course is for all students who are ready to go beyond the realm of healing and begin knowing, understanding and working with energy and the Creator in a completely different way.
This course  allows you to practically demonstrate your knowingness of your oneness and ability to truly co-create instantly with the Creative Energy of All That Is.
In this course, you go beyond the realm of healing as you have been practicing it to date, and begin to work with energy at the atomic and molecular level. You will begin to enhance your psychic and energetic abilities and develop skills such as:
- changing the molecular structure of water
- moving physical objects using telekinesis
- working with the energy fields that hold objects in place
- spiritual bi-location (being consciously in 2 places at once) and
- healing by directly working with the mitochondria within the cells/DNA
- changing the weather
You will be given exercises that, when practiced daily, will greatly enhance your healing abilities, and raise your conscious awareness of your relationship with energy and connection with all things.
The more belief work you have done leading up to this course, the better your results will be with the exercises on DNA3.

Course Dates 

There are no DNA3 courses currently scheduled. 

Please arrive for registration from 9:15am on the first day of the course.

Course times for each day are 9:30am - 5:30pm daily. 
Morning and afternoon tea are provided. Please bring plenty of water, as this is required to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the course.
Course Fees
The fee for this course is £875.
You can confirm your place on the course by paying a deposit of £175. The balance of £700 is due one week before the start of the course. Payments can be made by bank transfer or online using credit/debit card or Paypal.

Register online to confirm your place on the course, and then make your online payment. For bank transfers, we will send you details following receipt of your online registration form.
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