Theta Healing Consultations
Personal consultations are one way of experiencing the positive change that Theta Healing can have in your life.  In a Theta Healing Consultation, you are given the space, time and personal support to help you move through whatever is in focus for you at present.
Whether you have physical ailments, emotional or mental stress, if you feel blocked in some area of your life, or want help to create new circumstances in your life, you may benefit from your own personal Theta Healing consultation.

Examples of areas where theta healing has helped people:
-   Dealing with mental and emotional issues that may be impacting your physical health
-   Dealing with stresses in relationships at work or at home
-   Manifesting your ideal partner, job, house or ideal situation
-   Creating energetic positivity within your business, your career and your home

.. and much more

Personal consultations can be conducted by phone or face to face, whichever you prefer.  Find out more about each of us by reading our individual Theta Healing Practitioner profiles.

Contact us via our Contact Us page, or by phone on 020 8746 1877.