Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) Course

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This course is your introduction to the world of Theta Healing.

On this 3-day course, you learn the basic techniques of Theta Healing. You gain insight into the science behind the technique and learn the fundamental principles of Theta Healing. You learn how to identify and release limiting and disempowering beliefs from the subconscious mind and replace them with empowering ones for yourselves and others. The course is 75% hands on, so you leave knowing how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and others immediately.

In addition to your course notes, you receive a copy of Vianna Stibal's book "Theta Healing".  It is recommended that you read the book prior to coming on the course, (we can send it to you in advance) but not mandatory.

Upon completion, you are certified to practice as a Theta Healing Practitioner.

Course Curriculum

On the 3-day Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) course you will learn:

  • The Theta Healing Story
  • The 4 different levels of beliefs
  • The 5 brainwaves  
  • How to use the Theta brainwave to tap into Infinite Source and
    • remove limiting beliefs instantly and easily
    • instantly teach yourself new feelings so you can experience new things in your life
    • co-create and manifest what you want in your life
  • How to look inside the human body
  • How to identify the different intuitive energies used for healing
  • How to activate your Youth and Vitality chromosomes and your 12-strands of DNA

and much more …..                                                                               

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Course Dates

The Theta Healing Basic  (DNA2) course is scheduled for the following dates:

2015 Dates Location
Fri Sept 18th-Sun Sept 20th West London

Please arrive for registration from 9:15am on Friday morning.
Course times for each day are 9:30am - 5:30pm daily.

Morning and afternoon tea are provided. It is important to stay hydrated so you may want to bring water, although water will also be available in the course room. Please note that on the first morning, you may need to remove your shoes for our initial welcome exercise.


Course Fees

The fee for this course is £435.
Payment can be made online using credit/debit card or Paypal or pay by bank transfer to receive a discounted price of £395.

Register online to confirm your place on the course, and then make your online payment. For bank transfers, we will send you details following receipt of your online registration form.


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