About the Theta Healing Centre
Hello and welcome to the Theta Healing Centre.

Our website provides you with information on the Theta Healing technique and how it can help you transform your life. Here you can find information on our introductory evenings, training courses, individual consultations and practitioner events as well as how you can get involved with the wider Theta Healing community.

Our mission is to provide high quality Theta Healing training to the many positive minded practitioners, adults, and teenagers throughout the UK and worldwide, who are motivated to improve your lives, the lives of others and the whole community.

We aim to maintain the integrity of the teachings of founder Vianna Stibal, whilst incorporating our own rich backgrounds of personal experience and knowledge, and working within our key values of excellence, integrity, respect and community and fun.

We are based in Shepherds Bush, West London and Wimbledon, South West London. We provide one to one consultations by phone, skype or in person, and Theta Healing courses in various London and UK venues.

Find out more about our individual backgrounds on our Theta Healing Teachers and Practitioners page.

We look forward to hearing from you

Warm regards,

Catherine M Shaw and Kiwiroa Marshall
Co-Founders, The Theta Healing Centre.