Theta Healing - Transformational Energy Healing Technique

Welcome to the Theta Healing Centre.

We provide certified Theta Healing courses throughout the UK, taught by highly experienced teachers, who are certified to the highest level within Thetahealing.  We also offer individual consultations in person, by phone and by Skype and are the largest stockist of Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing books and resources within Europe.
We invite you to experience this powerful technique that can help you make positive changes in your life with ease. It only takes a few days to learn the basics, yet you can easily incorporate Theta Healing techniques alongside everything you already do!

Whether you are completely new to Theta Healing, already on your Theta Healing journey as a Certified Practitioner or an experienced Teacher - wherever you consider yourself to be - The Theta Healing Centre aims to help you on your journey of ongoing development.

We have trained with Theta Healing founder Vianna Stibal, and are certified to ThetaHealing Certificate of Science level. We provide the entire Theta Healing Practitioner curriculum and are 100% committed to maintaining the integrity of Vianna's work and teachings.

With over 30 years' teaching experience in the personal development arena within a variety of academic, corporate, and community organisations - and even more years learning and incorporating various personal development and spiritual ways of living - we aim to offer you a quality experience, where your learning and personal wellbeing are of utmost importance to us.  We help you integrate your learning and knowledge by sharing our personal experiences and the knowledge we have gained along the way. We also offer an unconditional money-back guarantee on all our courses.

For many people, attending a course is just the beginning of your learning. We provide monthly Theta Swap sessions and regular Practitioner Workshops to ensure that you have opportunities for practical experience to improve your skills, increase your learning and knowledge, and mingle with others in the Theta Healing community. Whether you are new to Theta Healing, an experienced Practitioner or a Theta Healing Teacher, we welcome you to join us for advanced learning, fun and collective growth.  Alternatively, if you are an existing Theta Healing practitioner who can't make our Swaps or Workshops, sign up for our monthly newsletter where we provide you with Theta Healing tips and ideas. 



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